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This is a roleplaying community wherin only badass characters from any fandom may enter and play. How do you know if your character is a badass? Well. Either...

1. He/she is amazing at fighting.
2. He/she likes fighting.
3. He/she is amazing at fighting and likes it, but chooses to banter their opponent into oblivion instead.
4. He/she has some sort of magical/mutant/whatever power, and enjoys using it. (No angsting over power allowed, folks. At the same time, no godmoding. Yeah, have fun with that one.)
5. It is just generally known that your character is badass. (Example: Sephiroth)

It can be any combination of these, or just one.

This particular RP will be set in a bar. What could be more badass than a bar? Maybe a Guttermouth concert...but I digress. This bar is a sort of nexus for all the worlds, and can work in any of them. A character walks into a bar (haha) in his/her world, they end up seeing a lot of weird people with strange clothes. They walk out again...they might not be walking back out into their world.

Anyway. Read the rules, request to join the community, then send in a sample post to me at serialexperiments6@yahoo.com for approval. After that, the sky is the limit! In a bar.


1. No godmode. If you get the shit kicked out of you, suck it up and get 'em the next time.
2. Go cry in a corner if you don't like sex, yaoi, slash, or anything of the kind, because it can happen in bars. Frequently.
3. Any IRL fights, take 'em to AIM. I'd like to say respect other players, but if they're being dicks, feel free to chew them out. At least use original insults, though.
4. No original characters!
5. Pick your battles, and keep in mind that if you get stabbed, you're gonna actually get...stabbed. You can't just ignore the masamune sticking out of your chest.
6. No OOC. I probably know most if not all of the characters you'll be playing, so be IC.
7. All posts will be written in 'story form'. For example: After a hard day's pilfering, the bar looked like an oasis to Balthier. He sauntered towards the entrance, fiddling with his cuffs in anticipation. Obviously it doesn't have to be in italics, but that's the format, aight?
8. There must be at least a token show of your character around – posting in their journal, commenting on others, basically being active. At this time, if there is no action in the span of two weeks, you’re going to be warned. If the problem continues, you may be asked to give up your character.

Probably need more rules, but I'll think 'em up as we go.

And for you 13-year-olds who can't type for shit, THIS IS RATED MATURE. Get away.


The Dark Tower Series

Roland Deschain

Final Fantasy 12


Eyeshield 21

Tsyumine Megu

The Labyrinth


Metal Gear Solid

Solid Snake

Battlestar Galactica

Kara Thrace

Fushigi Yuugi


Batman Beyond: The Tomorrow Knight

Terry McGinnis/Batman

Tsubasa Chronicle


Final Fantasy VI

Kefka (god help us all)

Legend of Dragoon


Great Teacher Onizuka/GTO

Onizuka Eikichi

Universal Fandoms


Dir en Grey